Eastads Credits Tokenomics is out!!!

Utility of Eastads Credits token.

Eastads Update
23. Nov 2018
Eastads Credits Tokenomics is out!!!


The ECR — Eastads Credits is the market and exchange utility of Eastads project. To understand the Eastads Project, Read our 12page whitepaper >> Download

The Eastads Credits tokenomics is an explanation to the utility of the Eastads Token and what users expect form holding, investing or trading Eastads Credits.

Eastads Credits Token details

Supply — 700,000,000
Final supply — 500,000,000 in Credits
Circulation — 30,000,000
Trading at — 365.streamhttps://coinchangex.comfreetrade.finance 
Confirmed upcoming exchanges — coinpulse.io, betbegin.io

Want to know about out tokenomics and why you should invest in Eastads project? Download PDF and read... »Download.

Any confusion on the tokenomics can be asked on our telegram group. The tokenomics use commences immediately.

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Facebook - https://facebook.com/Eastadscredit
Steemit - https://steemit.com/@eastads-credits/


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